New Painting: Higher Self

Here is the latest painting I finished, called ‘Higher Self’:

IMG_8783 copy.JPG

It is part of a little batch of paintings that I created quite spontaneously a few weeks ago. This one is the first I present here, because it speaks to me the most. It was a really good painting session, I totally got into that magical state of flow where you just do your thing without thinking. I did not plan to paint something figural, it just happened! It continues with the theme of working with my favourite color combo of teal, orange and magenta.

For a long time, these have been my favorite colors to paint with. Remind me of sunsets and the magic hour of dawn, when everything gets that special glow as the sun sets, and you get the best photos of your subjects. It’s like a person, made up of this kind of moment!

tanja zinkl higher self paintingJPG
Tanja Zinkl_higher self painting.JPG

At first, I thought the two heads were a little creepy. What was THAT? A representation of one’s one shadow, a demon, or…? But as time passed, and I kept looking at the painting, I actually liked one of the comments I got from a friend as a feedback the most: that the darker, smaller head represents our true self, our innermost core, who we really are. It appears as if it is hidden, because we do not show it all the time in real life, and maybe also need to protect it every now and then.

You can find this painting in my shop HERE.