Hidden gems

For a long time, I had this hunch of wanting to paint more loosely. While I love details and mandalas and planned out, repetitive, even meditative ways of working, there is something very intriguing about working in a painterly, fluid way.

Just when summer began this year, some doors closed in my life and I found myself with a lot of unexpected time on my hands. It came as a surprise, and I struggled to adapt to it. It took a few weeks, and some solid mental work, but by now I have come to see it as an opportunity - it feels like a space that invites me in. That beckons me. I may fill this pocket of time with whatever I desire, despite all the uncertainties ahead. A lot of freedom, a lot of choice, a lot of anxiety. And yet. A rare moment in a grown-up life.

Faced with these new circumstances, while the first heatwave of the year hit Vienna, the loose painting came easy. Easier than expected for sure. No striving for it. It is just…what wants to happen, seems to be the best way to put it.


Opening all the windows, painting with a lot of paint (quite literally), building up texture, and playing on the canvas is what this currently looks like for me. Giving in to the rhythm of summer, and my life, if you will. A rare overlapping of personal circumstance, season of the year and artistic intentions. A recipe for magic right there!

It feels fresh and free, to paint this way. It feels like summer! The result are cheerful, dynamic abstract paintings that I love. Visible brushstrokes, delicious texture, happy colours. Layers of paint where those easy-warm breeze-carefree-summer vibes are captured.

You can find all the details for “Hidden Gems” right here.

Stay tuned for more paintings in this collection coming soon this summer.