What is your art about?

I recently applied to a co-working office that had an open call for artists, offering the possibility of an art exhibition in their space.

There was a pretty detailed application form to fill out, and I liked that they asked a lot of questions. I do that that too :) The questions made me think about why I do what I do, which is always a good thing. While artist statements always evolve, these were the answers that I gave and that are currently true to my work.


What is your art about?

I create modern, colorful art with an emphasis on contrasts – in style, color, tone. You have to look twice (at least) to grasp its whole depth. I am a self-taught artist and have a rather unconventional approach to painting, combining expressive and planned elements to create unique and dynamic visual worlds on canvas. I am passionate about doing things differently – this comes through in my art. 


What sets you apart?

What is your specialty?

My specialty is acrylic painting (sometimes mixed with collage elements). My work consists of many layers and stresses the co-existence of opposites that are everywhere, like shadow and light, love and pain, filth and beauty. In my detailed paintings, this looks like the rawness of seemingly random, expressive brush strokes next to the meticulous details and meditative quality of a mandala, for example.


What inspires you?

I consider myself a constant seeker, and my endless curiosity only supports that. I find inspiration anywhere - nature, emotions, fabrics, memories, foreign places, books. Intellectually, the theme behind my art is the complexity and the many layers all of our experiences have, and to find ways to show that.