2018 - a review in paintings and words

These are the paintings I made in 2018:

2018 was a crazy year for me and I am glad to see it go.

While I always had jobs to support myself and my art practice, this year there were 3 of them, and all the stress that comes with that.

While I am a person who naturally likes questioning everything, this year the self-doubt and questions felt a lot more challenging and relentless, circling around topics such as

freedom & time vs money & safety 

longings & dreams vs reality

fear vs trust & instincts

forcing things vs synchronicity

insisting vs letting go

who I am (slow, savouring, sensitive) vs. what the world is like (fast, competitive, ever-changing)

societal expectations atop of my own that seemed to grow heavier by the minute 

visual and informational excess via social media and the uncomfortable realisation that I might be more addicted to using it as an escape from (my) real life when it feels unbearable than I cared to admit

It felt hard to find a place to land, a place to feel safe to be myself.

At times, it was even hard to know what it was like to be myself.

There was a lot of sadness, confusion, fear, tears, so many questions and SO MUCH soul searching.

And yet, there was art making! It was not a massively productive year, but I am happy with this collection nonetheless.

Mandalas continued to fascinate me and make up the main subject matter of this year. I guess they were an antidote to all the madness in my mind and life. Repetitive details make for great meditation. I tried to do things that came easily and naturally, so there is a lot of funky colour as always, dripping paint, splattering, some scribbling and my favourite newly discovered thing in painting, using a palette knife to apply the paint. 

What was the year like for you?

And which is your favourite painting? and why? 

All paintings are available in my online shop HERE.