A painter's journey - Episode 1/2018 - post vacation thoughts

It’s always on the verge of change that I long like crazy to be someone else. 

I’d rather take any other path, instead of choosing and forging my own. How strange a mind behaves, in the face of fear.

It was a week of easing back into everyday life, after a week away on an island, where I did little beside staring at my beloved teal waters. That coming home always makes me see with crystal clear vision, all the things I live that do not fit me, and all the things I long for and have not created yet.

The push and pull of what I have to do, and what I want to do is strong these days. I am learning, slowly, how to be ok with wanting what I want. How to work towards it. Some art came from it, and more will follow, I suppose. 

“If the pain of staying stuck is bigger than the fear of the thing, that’s when you take action.” (Matt Boggs)