A painter's journey - Episode 3/2018 - Savouring and slowing down

I actually like to take my sweet old time with things. It's the reason why it mostly takes me a very long time to finish a painting, and it's also the reason why I often have a hard time existing in a world that expects you to go faster all the time. For better or for worse, I find myself on the opposite ende of the spectrum of pace.

While many times I do not have a choice and have to hurry, when it comes to art, I do allow myself to go with my own rhythm. It feels like the ultimate indulgence. Recently, I finished this painting:


I think savouring is my superpower, always has been. Be it food, art, love, dancing - I enjoy my moments more when I slow down. In a group, I am always the last one to finish a meal. When I love a book, I read it extra slowly, in order to read it longer. 

I love getting lost in the details, the brushstrokes, sitting back, taking another look, savouring the smooth paint and mixing it, loading it onto my brush and sliding it over the canvas. Everything becomes more sensual and curious when I slow down.

The painting is available HERE.