A painter's journey - Episode 2/2018 - why I think we need art

This week, there wasn't a lot of painting happening in my world. While a little discipline is fine sometimes, I do not like forcing myself to create. For now, I still enjoy that freedom.

Nevertheless, there was art present. The "other" art form that I like to indulge in is dancing, Kizomba, specifically.  It's so different from visual arts, of course, there is no end result, nothing to show for it, no one to show it to. And yet, there is something that I love so much about it, and somehow, different art forms always inform and inspire each other. Moving my body and experiencing transformative moments on the dance floor remind me of why we need art in our lives, and why it has such a strong pull for me. Every once in a while, you catch "that" dance, or find yourself in "that" moment while creating, be it on the dance floor or the easel, catapulting yourself into some kind of trance that is the best feeling ever. It's like the most intense feeling of being alive. After all, it's what I am always after, and what keeps me creating.