Mallorca island vibes

I just returned from a week of vacation in Mallorca, full of inspiration and island vibes. For some time now, I have been thinking about how to create art that is a little more cohesive, maybe even a series. The trick is to not feel restricted by it! Quite a dilemma for a free spirit like me. But I am determined to try (again). One thing that has inspired me for a long time is the color teal. The ocean reminded me of that again. Just look at the color!


On the last day, I snuck out really early to catch the sunrise by the water. I felt relaxed, inspired and so appreciative of the time away. It was a sweet moment in time, where I had a feeling of recommitment to my art of sorts, as if that fire in my belly was lit again.


It is a beautiful thing, to dedicate oneself to art. After a week without distractions or social media, I felt this clearly again. Living a simple life does that, I guess - my time consisted of coastal hikes, good food, lots of exploring and nature, soaking up a different culture, at a very slowed-down pace. Suddenly, there was space for new thoughts and ideas to enter my mind.  

Back home, I could not wait to get back to work on my current painting. Also, my little furry studio companion was happy to have me back.

Current painting in progress, acrylic on canvas

Current painting in progress, acrylic on canvas